DiGi Super Long Life RM30 (365 days) Activation, DiGi prepaid hit RM1, FnF list, Birthday bonus 50% more, free credit balance retrieval, unlimited mobile internet

DiGi Super Long Life is a feature where you can extend your talktime validity to 1 year for just RM30. Indirectly, the subscription fee is RM2.50 per month to stay connected.

If you can’t activate DiGi Super Long Life RM30(365 days), change your DiGi Prepaid Plus plan to DiGi’s latest plan which is DiGi Prepaid(Hit RM1).

DiGi Prepaid(Hit RM1) plan allows you to enjoy lower call and SMS rates to your 15 favourite numbers (11 DiGi numbers, 4 non-DiGi numbers).

Friends and Family
Standard Rates (to all local networks)
Voice & Video Calls
(12sen/min after usage of RM1/day)
36 sen/min
(12sen/min after usage of RM1/day)
SMS Rate DiGi to DiGi numbers
1sen / SMS (DiGi numbers)

10sen / SMS
(1sen /SMS after usage of RM1/day)
SMS Rate DiGi to Non-DiGi numbers
10sen / SMS (Non-DiGi numbers)

MMS Rate DiGi to DiGi numbers
10sen / MMS (DiGi numbers)
25sen / MMS (DiGi numbers)
MMS Rate DiGi to Non-DiGi numbers
25sen / MMS (Non-DiGi numbers)

Charging Block
Before hitting RM1
18sen / 30 seconds
Charging Block
After hitting RM1
12sen / 60 seconds

Changes to FnF list:
6 complimentary changes allowed, 3 DiGi + 3 non-DiGi numbers.
Subsequent revisions will cost RM2 fee per change.

To change call plan via Online Customer Service (OCS):
Step 1: Login to OCS at http://www.digi.com.my.
Step 2: Select LHS Menu | My Account | Change Call Plan | DiGi prepaid.
Step 3: Select [Yes] to confirm and a one-off fee of RM3.00 will be charged to your account.
You are allowed to change call plan once a month.
If your previous call plan/subscription has FnF numbers from other network operators, these FnF numbers will be removed once change is successful.
Received SMS from DiGi 2900. 2011: Welcome to DiGi_PrepaidRM1_. This change cost: RM3:00.

Birthday Bonus 50% more:
You will get 50% more credit for every reload you make on any day of the week.
The Birthday Bonus period lasts for one week, starting from 3 days before your birthday to 3 days after your birthday.
The Birthday Bonus has a maximum cap of RM500 in reloads made during the registered birthday week.
Maximum birthday bonus rewards is RM250 every calendar year.

To activate DiGi Super Long Life via *128#:
Step 1: You must have at least RM35 in your account.
Step 2: Dial *128# and then press call.
Step 3: Reply 1 for My Account.
Step 4: Reply 7 for Talktime Services.
Step 5: Reply 3 for Super Long Life.
Step 6: Reply 2 for Super Long Life RM30 (365 days). Be careful. Do not send 1 unless you really want RM5 for 30 days only.
Step 7: Press 1 to confirm that you have selected RM30.00 with 365 days validity.
Thank you for choosing Super Long Life. You now have one less thing to worry about
for the next 365 days!
Received a confirmation SMS from Digi 2900. Your validity purchase of 365 days for RM30.00 is successful. Your new date of expiry is XX/XX/2013.
This feature is available for DiGi Prepaid(Hit RM1) subscribers only.

Free Credit Balance Retrieval:
Dial *126# to find out how much talktime you have.

Auto Balance Notification:
SMS notifications sent to you after each call to let you know how much talktime you have left.

90 Days Incoming Calls:
Receive incoming calls for 90 days even though your reload validity has expired.

DiGi Helpline contact is +6016 22 11 800.

Reload coupons. You can buy and reload as many coupons as you want.
Available in
How long it lasts
10 days
20 days
30 days
50 days
120 days (~4 months)

Try not to take any call while travelling overseas. You will incur expensive roaming charges.
Using your mobile phone in places other than its home area is called roaming.

Main credit balance is capped at RM25,000. Customers will not be able to perform any reload nor extend their validity once this amount is reached.

Mobile 3G Prepaid Internet:
DiGi 3G Prepaid offers cheap and easy Internet access on your mobile phone.
10sen/10kb. Max RM5 daily.
The average size of email is 10kb-30kb, webpage 100kb-500kb, and 1 minute YouTube video 2.5MB.
Unlimited mobile internet for only RM15 per week from the day you subscribe.
Around RM2.15 per day.
Turbo 3G Speed at 384kbps. Weekly quota is 250MB. Please take note that your subscription will be auto-renewed after it expires.
To subscribe to mobile internet unlimited RM15/week via *116#:
Step 1: Dial *116# and press call.
Step 2: Reply 1 to choose Internet Unlimited 15.
Step 3: Reply 1 to confirm.
To unsubscribe, you may use the same channel as above.

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